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Following the Treaty of Paris, signed February 2, 1763, that brought to an end the French and Indian war and the raids that had devastated the upper Hudson River valley, settlers returned and new ones arrived, many of them induced hither by the enterprising Schuyler family of then Saratoga who offered land on generous terms and ready markets for timber and produce. It was during the decade preceding the outbreak of the American Revolution that Peter Lansing of Albany caused to be built in 1770 what is now known to history as the Marshall House.

Lansing's purpose was to in it install a family that would sustain itself by farming while collecting products for shipment downriver to Albany for marketing by him. Alas! The Revolution soon put his plan to naught. The house he had built, however, became the scene of events tragic and heroic which have made it an important landmark in our nation's history.

This site, then, tells the story of a remarkable old house and of the men, women and children, some famous, others obscure who have dwelt there, some for a few days, others for generations. The Marshall House remains a witness at once truthful and gracious to the birth of our Republic and that which has passed since.


The Marshall House Story

At two o’clock in the afternoon of October 10, 1777 a fierce cannonade began. The youthful baroness, Frederika Charlotte Louise Riedesel, was ordered by her husband to seek refuge for herself and their two little daughters in a nearby house. This stood on a knoll overlooking the Hudson River near the nearly deserted hamlet of Saratoga, two hundred miles upriver from the young city of New York.

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The beauty and history of The Marshall House has inspired photographers for decades, we have compiled our favorite photographs and put them in an album online for you to enjoy.

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